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October 10, 2011

Lands’ End and ORBIS: Teaming up to prevent blindness and looking good doing it!

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

According to the World Heath Organisation, 39 million people world wide are blind and yet, 80% suffer needlessly. ORBIS are a worldwide charity fighting blindness in developing countries and transforming lives.

Crucial to their success, is the Flying Eye Hospital, and it’s team of dedicated eye-care professionals who travel the world, offering treatment, exchanging knowledge and teaching new skills to local medics, with a view to a sustainable future. The Flying Eye Hospital is a refurbished DC-10 jet aircraft, housing operating theatres, recovery rooms and a 48 seat classroom where local doctors can watch live surgical procedures and ask questions to the surgeons via a high tech audio-visual system. And the team that carry out the training are just as impressive-highly trained specialists in all aspects of eye care and surgery who travel the world for 300 days a year, often away from home for 3 months at a time.

The hospital has a varied itinerary and so the team often operate in tough, uncompromising situations - facing the elements goes with the territory. With locations varying from Mongolia to Niger, Laos to the Dominican Republic, comfortable, hard-wearing clothing is a must - which is why this year ORBIS approached Lands’ End Corporate and Teamwear to be their official clothing partner.

The team are thrilled with their new all-weather kit, that covers smart events (tailored chinos, shirts and blazers), comfortable every day wear (embroidered polo shirts and cargo pants) and even lightweight, long lasting luggage - all embroidered with their logo and personalised with their names.

And here at Lands’ End Corporate and Teamwear, we are thrilled to be supporting ORBIS with their sight-saving mission!

To see the team in action in their new staff uniforms or to get more information about how Lands’ End Corporate and Teamwear could help your business, visit www.landsend-teamwear.co.uk

To find out more about the valuable work carried out by ORBIS and the Flying Eye Hospital, plus information on how you can help support them in their valuable work, go to www.orbis.org.uk/donation


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