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April 25, 2012


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Catherine Lincoln

I don;t think I want to follow this conversation I WAS the lady having a bad hair day,with the big shoulder pads and bad hair. Cathy was Freckingham now Lincoln

Miranda Roberts

The early stages of the hokey-cokey were a little challenging for some Lands End staff members.

Bridget  Masters

Read our palms to find out where Lands End will be in 2012.

Rhona Murray

Feel silly, Moi?

Julie Bruce

Whether you are up or down you always end up landing on your feet with LAND'S END!!!!!!!!!

Linda Liles

Land's End staff send a big HIGH FIVE to all their happy customers...along with their big hair, and their big lapels...

Julie Birkett

always ready to lend a hand!

Laura Hänsler-Ross

Where big hair and shoulder pads are essential and thats not just on the ladies!!! ;)

Sharon Sutcliffe

Staff at LandsEnd sweetly misunderstand what New Wave romantics means...

Sharon Sutcliffe

George Osborne's first work experience week after school doesn't go down well as staff vote for him to go home by Tuesday lunchtime.

(Can you see him, there in the middle? Just to the right of the man with ginger hair?)

Sarah Mansell

Ok everyone close your eyes...Dont be shy...Now who here has suffered from bladder weakness?

Betty Pearson

That sign is very misleading - yesterday a cyclist arrived from John O'Groats thinking he'd finished!

Sue A

Spot the employees who didn't get a tube of fake tan leftover from the catalogue shoot! :)


'It's 1993 but surely not 93 takes to get this right! All this sitting around with one hand in the air is not good for the old RSI!'


Hands up if u think you look way cooler then the outdated 1980's suckers


Hands up if your cryin coz Quantum Leap just finished...never mind u still got married with children n save by the bell!

Elizabeth Williams

Everyone loves to see the waves at Lands End!

Suzanne Heath

Prince Philip crept unnoticed in to the back row of the Lands' End annual Company photograph - only the Royal wave gave him away!

Lisa Hardy

Hands up who's having a bad hair day?

Babs Chapman

You do realise we are sat on the sandwiches..... Be thankful its not the pineapple hedgehogs!

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