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August 29, 2013


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Denise Bankovic

You can tell by her beautiful smile that she is perfect for her job! She is such an inspiration! Denise, USA

Helen Webster

I worked for Lands End in the early days too! I LOVE seeing all the old faces on the catalogue, but struggle with most of their names! Can recognise Tina, Helen, Cathy and obviously Dawn. One Christmas myself and another girl, Sophie Tebb were tasked to buy all the Christmas decorations for the offices. It was great getting paid for shopping for days!

B Thomas

That's my old school friend for you .. Brilliant write up Dawny. I've read it through, and built up a picture of you being interviewed. Famous at last.
Just one thing you left out and thats also another thing you can add to your talents and that is being one of my admins on Crosby Past and Present, always pops in I know along with Farmville and keeps the members all in check like your colleagues x

debbie elston

i remember that pantomime day we had so much fun i have very fond memories of my fantastic 7 years there

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