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July 04, 2014


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Lands' End

Anthony, please check your email or get in touch with [email protected], many thanks

Lands' End

Anthony Webster, you have won, please check your email! Lands' End

Marc Barnes

best tip i have is to add some wood to your charcoal for that smoked flavor, and to use one cal spray on your meat and chicken for seasoning to stay on the food

catherine killen

Be as organised as possible- meat can be set out on trays in the fridge and covered until needed, salads can be made in advance, even bread rolls can be cut open ready. There is nothing worse than being stuck in the kitchen while your guests are enjoying the garden and those BBQ smells. I always make sure the baked potatoes are on, the sauces are out and drinks are in the ice bucket and then I am free to hand over the cooking to the men and relax- after all it's the only time I get away with not doing it!

Sue Obrien

Always line the base of the BBQ with turkey width foil before you put the charcoal on. This way, when you have finished and the coals are cold enough, you can just wrap the whole lot up in the foil and bin it. It will save you hours of scrubbing to clean the BBQ and add years to the life of it!

Also to help with the cleaning and to stop things sticking to the BBQ, always rub the grill mesh with cooking oil on a kitchen towel before you start using it.

Anthony Webster

Have a bucket of water and sterilising solution next to the BBQ for your utensils for when your not using them or to give a quick clean. I have a massive BBq this weekend 12/7 for my 50th love the BBQ.

Emily Hutchinson

Mix together the following ingredients for a gorgeous marinade, great for ribs but works well on anything!

Tomato ketchup, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, table spoon brown sugar.

The measurements don't really matter, it'll be lovely, just heat it up to melt the sugar and it'll thicken nicely.

frances hopkins

Use a spray oil to both sides of the meat, it doesn't stick to the bbq that way

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